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West Seattle Natural Medicine offers many options for your healthcare needs. Dr. Katherine Oldfield owns and operates the clinic, and has chosen other individual practitioners to offer care at the clinic.

The staff at WSNMC have created an environment that meets many of your healthcare needs under one roof. Our wonderful staff at the front desk can help you to set up appointments with our various doctors and practitioners and to answer any questions you may have.

West Seattle Natural Medicine's naturopathic physicians are dedicated to improving your health and that of your family by providing effective, holistic healthcare. Our mission is to create a caring environment that is committed to excellence in healthcare. We will help you to achieve better health and quality of life through natural medicine.

With each patient we aim to:

  • identify the cause of disease
  • stimulate the body's healing mechanisms
  • provide the remedies needed for recovery
  • help patients transition into a healthier lifestyle

We concentrate on the whole person, rather than focusing only on symptomatic treatment.

Our practitioners, Dr. Katherine Oldfield, Dr. Arika Dortero, Dr. Karen Hurley,  Dr.  Adrianne Cook, Dr. Emily Livengood and Dr. Emily Lesnak blend the best of clinical nutrition, lifestyle counseling, herbal medicine, physical medicine, acupunture and homeopathy with extensive training in modern medical care to bridge the gap between alternative and conventional medicine. Naturopathic medicine helps you to prevent future illnesses!

Your naturopathic physician can treat acute and chronic illnesses, help you manage the symptoms of menopause through herbs or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and provide services such as annual exams including gynecological exams, craniosacral therapy, personal supplementation plans and more.

Fall Cleanse Class is Back By Popular Demand!

Click here for info!

A 21 Day Exploration of Better Health

Facilitated by Dr. Emily Livengood

Dr. Oldfield and Dr. Cook Voted "Top Docs" 2014 & 2015!

top docs 2014

Saturday Hours

Did you know that every Saturday we have one or more doctors seeing patients? Our patients love the convenience of Saturday visits.

Adrianne Cook, ND

Dr Cook has just written a new article entitled "Allergies and the Adrenal Glands". This explains the role that stress plays in allergies.

Emily Lesnak, ND

Welcome Dr. Lesnak!

Dr Lesnak will begin seeing patients April 14th. She specialitzes in pediatrics.  With Dr. Lesnak and Dr. Dortero both focusing on our pediatric patients, we now can offer pediatric care from well child visits to vaccinations, six days per week! In addition to her regular hours she will see patients two Saturdays per month.

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